Seniors: How to Prep for College Applications -Part 2

The college application process is a long and difficult one. It may seem overwhelming at some points. However, that should not discourage you! The best thing that you can do for yourself is to ask for help whenever necessary.

Every year, new college prep literature on how to make the process much easier is published. It is highly improbable that any of you will face a problem that has not been faced before. Don’t be afraid to ask your parents, teachers, guidance counselors, etc. for help. They are there to help you succeed and have experience with the college application process.

For anything they cannot answer, try contacting the school you are applying to directly. This is a “win/win” situation. First, they should be able to solve any problem you have with their specific application. Second, it shows that that particular university is important to you, since you took time out of your day to contact the school to ensure that you completed their application correctly.

It is important for universities to know that you are interested in them. Keep in contact with their admissions officers throughout the process. If there are information sessions about how to prepare their application at your school or in your city, make sure you attend. Schools take notice of who truly wants to attend.

If you still have questions after taking all of these steps, turn to the Internet! You can seek out answers on well-known college prep platforms online. These websites can help you understand the application timeline and answer a lot of the common questions students face. Two of the best college prep platforms to assist you along the college app process are Big Future, a segment of the College Board website, and Princeton Review, a leading college preparation service.

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