The Society of Torch & Laurel
The Meaning of The Society of Torch & Laurel


The Torch: Represents the ability for each of us to serve as a guiding light for others and for the ability of education to serve as a beacon of light, eradicating ignorance. May our scholars always remember that lighting the way for others, brightens the path for themselves.

The Stars: Pay homage to the ideals of our founding organization, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and the ideals of The Society of Torch & Laurel. The Gold star to the left of the Torch, represents The National Society of Collegiate Scholars’ commitment to scholarship, leadership and service. The Gold Star on the right star to the right of the torch represents The Society of Torch & Laurel’s pillars of excellence and perseverance. The center star represents our shared commitment to integrity. May our scholars always use their talents to create positive outcomes for themselves and their communities.

The Laurel: serves to remind our scholars that they are part of a long and noble tradition of distinguished scholars. May our scholars uphold their place in history by living up to the honor bestowed upon them.

The Double Circles: represent the circles of support and influence that surround us, including family and friends, teachers and advocates. May our scholars recognize, value and appreciate their supporters and seek to serve in that capacity for others.