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6 Financial Aid Questions You’re Too Embarassed to Ask

While many colleges will soon send bills for this fall’s tuition, most won’t expect payment until late summer. That gives college-bound students and their families time to finalize financial aid details. Here are six basic, but crucial, things to know about using student loans, scholarships and more to pay for college. 1. When I take … Continued

8 Tips for Finding Scholarships

Looking for an extra way to finance your child’s education? Scholarships are a great place to start! Start encouraging your child to apply for scholarships this summer with help from these eight tips from LendKey. College isn’t getting any cheaper. Between 2001 and 2012, tuition and fees increased 5.4% above inflation annually while funding per … Continued

Applying to College?

College attendance costs get all the attention, but you’ll start paying for school when you begin the application process. Factoring in the costs of test preparation, test taking and applications, expect to spend at least $678 -and perhaps thousands more -before you’ve received acceptance letters, according to NerdWallet’s calculations. Read on to learn more about … Continued

College Scorecard is a Big Deal.

This post comes to us courtesy of TalkNerdy2Me, the college blog of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Will you be able to pay back your loan? There’s finally data to help you make an educated guess. For the first time ever, there’s a way to judge how well a school serves its students using data … Continued