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An Open Letter to Introverts

By: Michelle Wheater Dear introverts in high school, I know that sometimes you feel like you are living in a world that is not designed for your quiet independence. In high school especially you are expected to do sports, join club, and have a job: to fill your every waking minute with activities. And you … Continued

Get a Jump on Adulthood with these 7 Tips

College prepares students to be everything from accountants and teachers to government workers and health care technicians, but not all students learn basic money management skills. Here’s advice for students on how to succeed financially. 1. Use a tried-and-true budgeting strategy A regular paycheck, however small, can feel like a windfall for those used to … Continued

How to Balance Your Time Wisely

By: Jaeda Wagner As a high school student aspiring to do big things in the world, your schedule is probably very demanding. Fortunately, a few tips to help you manage your time wisely are listed below. Identify your current time management skills While you may currently feel as though you are managing your time well, … Continued

How are Ideas Shared?

By: Austin John Escobar Ideas are constantly in motion. They’re shared between two or more people almost instantly through dialogue or even through the web. But, let’s ask ourselves: how come after they are shared the original idea from the giver given to the receiver changes over time? And how do we explain it and … Continued

College Reflections

By: Raquel Baudrit American University As a person who has moved a lot throughout my life –fourteen times to date -I have found that the hardest part of the transition is maintaining and nurturing the relationships that I have made along the way. With the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), I feel that I … Continued

Transitioning from High School to College

By: Abbigail Cotton University of West Georgia (Class of 2017) When I was a high school senior, I was extremely excited and looking forward to the complete college experience. I mean, everyone tells you that a university or college is an exciting place to be. You see it on television, on movie screens, and from … Continued

The Reality of a Summer Life-guarding Job

by: Aidan Huckestein Once school is out, most teenagers decide it’s time to get a summer job. Like every other bored, broke teenager, I was ready to indulge in bathing suits and tan lines with the perfect summer job― lifeguarding. We’ve all seen the movies and tv shows where the tanned lifeguards are spending hours … Continued

Welcome to The Torch: Tips for your BRIGHT Future

5 Ways to Maximize your Torch & Laurel Experience Keep your Torch & LAurel Profile Updated It’s important that we have the most up to date information about you so that we can send you information about all of the scholarships, benefits, and discounts that you are eligible for. Be sure to keep your current … Continued

How to ACE Your next SAT/ACT Test

There’s lots of test prep out there for SATs, PSATs, ACTs, and more. The good news is: you have lots of options. The bad news is: you have lots of options! So what’s the best way to study? The best way to study is the way that makes most sense for your learning style. Ask … Continued

Seniors: How to Prep for College Applications -Part 2

The college application process is a long and difficult one. It may seem overwhelming at some points. However, that should not discourage you! The best thing that you can do for yourself is to ask for help whenever necessary. Every year, new college prep literature on how to make the process much easier is published. … Continued