An Open Letter to Introverts

  • By: Michelle Wheater

Dear introverts in high school,

I know that sometimes you feel like you are living in a world that is not designed for your quiet independence. In high school especially you are expected to do sports, join club, and have a job: to fill your every waking minute with activities. And you are expected to do this to create an amazing resume for yourself so you can get into the best college. Some of you may try to do this by forcing yourselves to join four different clubs that they really are not interested in, instead of going home and reading that book that they are so close to finishing. But please stop doing this, because by doing this you are robbing the world of your quiet independence and creativity.

Introverts see the world slightly differently and everyone benefits when you share your thoughts and ideas.

What introverted high school students (aka you) need to do to feel included in this society is find their people, find where they fit, and shape their environment to work for them. Sounds easier said than done especially when it’s your future on the line, I know. But playing to your strengths, your abilities to think before act and react, and becoming the quiet leader will be your success. Take time to yourself if you need it. Go home and finish reading that book. One meaningful, continued extracurricular is worth more than those four clubs that you joined just to do something. And yes you can put the fact that you have been writing a novel or painting in your backyard on your college applications; they count if you do them for a considerable amount of time.

So once you are finished reading that book watch Susan Cain’s [TED talk]  on introversion and check out her books Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking  and Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverts.

Know that you, as an introvert, are not alone is this noisy sometimes overwhelming society and can still be successful in achieving your goals.

About the Author:

Michelle is a current Torch & Laurel Scholar, and an adventurous lover of science. She hikes and is currently learning French.


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